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Showcasing Your brand & Converting Users to Leads

The goal of marketing your business online is to get leads to your website, but what good is it if your website does not convert these leads to calls and bookings? Web design is much deeper than just making a site that looks good. Our team has taken the time to understand the mind of the user during the decision-making process and we use this knowledge to build and optimize a website that converts visits into results! Let us create a new, fully customizable and aesthetic website for your business made strategically using the number one web design platform out there.

Your Foundation

The Benefits

Marketing your brand to the highest quality and standard both online and off is essential to the reputation and success of your business. If there is anything the world has shown us over the last few years is that having an efficient online presence plays a major role in the success or failure of a company in the 21st century.

The 7 Step ML360 Process

As a business owner, we understand your time is primarily focused on day-to-day business activities. That is why we have created our 7 step process to build out a beautiful site in the most efficient way possible.


      The first step of the ML360 web development process consists of a meeting with the relevant stakeholders to get a better idea of your brand and how it needs to be showcased. We want to get a better understanding of who you are and how you want consumers to perceive your brand.

Failing to plan is planning to fail - Steve Jobs

Goal Setting

      What is it you want consumers to do when they get to you your website? Is it sales? Traffic? Leads? Knowing your goals will allow us to create a catered site that performs the best way possible!

Structuring & Outlines

        Gathering and structuring the relevant content is essential to efficiently design a site that flows in the correct manner. Our team creates a full blueprint of what we decide the site will look like and plotting the relevant content where it needs t be. 

Initial Development

        Once the blueprint and outline are complete, we will take that structure and create the website of your dreams using the relevant content, images and functionality. Our team builds a full website on a temporary domain that you can view and edit as we go.

Quality Assurance & Testing

        Before going live, it is essential for both parties to go through the necessary testing processes. We want to ensure you have the opportunity to provide whatever thoughts and feedback you may have before launching a site for the public eye to see. We are building a website for you, not ourselves, therefor we ensure you have the opportunity to provide your thoughts and ideas throughout each step of the process. 


        Once the appropriate testing and relevant feedback have been implemented, the website is ready to be launched! Our team will take the necessary steps to transfer the site to the appropriate domain and ensure everything is secure and backed by HTTPS enforce. 


        Your business is constantly evolving and the same should go for your website. Unlike other digital companies who may leave you stranded after the launch, we are here to build long-lasting relationships and continuously improve your digital presence in the long run.

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