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Over the past year we have seen physical stores being forced to shut down all around us, but consumer demand has not stopped. If your business is not selling online, you are falling behind!

Given these unforeseen circumstances it is essential to get your products listed online. Now more than ever, building an online store is easier than ever! Not only does building an online store boost your web presence, it grows your market exponentially as you can sell your product throughout North America or even Globally! 

Along with a larger market, an online store also gives your business many more advantages such as online marketing tools, social media integration, inventory POS, staying “open” 24/7 and much more!

While it seems easy, building an online store that is successful takes time and energy that business owners such as yourself, don’t have. That is where we come in!

Our team will ensure your online store has the following:

What good is a website if it doesn’t convert users into customers? Our team takes into account the mindset of a consumer to create a website that guides the consumer through the buying process using call-to-action, easy navigation, optimized descriptions and more!

Did you know over 60% of web traffic is from mobile phones and that number is growing! If your website is not mobile friendly then you are losing over 60% of your potential sales…. It is essential!!

Social media has become an online marketplace. Why not promote your store and allow users to have different channels to see you!

Targeting the right keywords is key… no pun intended. Make sure consumers find you if they are searching for what you have to offer!

When it comes to spending money online, your business and its consumers want to ensure that the data processed on your online store is secure. That is why our team pays particular attention to ensure you and your consumers data is safe.

The Process


What are your goals? What products will be successful online? What is your brand identity?...


We will use the information provided to build a new (or better) conversion focused store!


We are results-oriented here to get more sales. We will use a variety of marketing channels to help you grow!

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