Our First App Release!

This past week, ML360 just launched a brand new app for one of our clients, ShariaPortfolio Canada! 

ShariaPortfolio Canada is an asset management firm that specializes in socially responsible and halal investing. The company offers professionally managed investment solutions that help Muslims achieve their life goals while honouring their personal values. 

ML360 began working with ShariaPortfolio in September 2020. We came onboard with the goal of improving and building upon ShariaPortfolio Canada’s digital presence, from online marketing and advertising, to website development and enhancement, to social media management and now an all new App built specifically for ShariaPortfolio Canada’s clients and potential clients.

The new app features an integration with ShariaPortfolio Canada custodian’s portal which allows clients to access and view their investment accounts and holdings. The app also allows new clients to start the process of opening an account with ShariaPortfolio Canada. Additionally, we have built in a resources section to the app where users can access a custom Zakat Calculator, allowing them to fill in the details of their financial assets to determine how much Zakat they owe based on their religious or ethical requirements. The resources section also allows users to book an appointment with a ShariaPortfolio Advisor as well as access information about the company, including the types of investment accounts available as well as details about the Sharia-compliance screening process.

ShariaPortfolio CA is currently available on the Canadian App Store for anyone to download. So what’s next? We’re currently working on creating an Android compatible version of the app to ensure that the app is available on any smart device. Additionally, we will continue to update and iterate, adding new functionalities such as a retirement calculator, stock screening, as well as streamlining the new client onboarding process!

With over 3 billion smartphone users in the world today, it’s more than likely that each one of those users is using an app. Apps have become a vital tool for businesses and individuals alike. Whether it’s for controlling your air conditioning unit at home or an ordering app for your business, it makes our lives easier and businesses run smoother.

In today’s world, your business’ online presence is more important than ever! At ML360 we’re here to assist in taking your business online and/or strengthening your current digital presence, from strategy to execution. Contact us in the form below for your digital needs. We’re here for you each step of the way forward!

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