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“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”.  The importance of having a strategy for every business is absolutely essential.  A strategy determines its priorities for each initiative and with no shortage of great ideas, “It is only by saying ‘no’ that you can concentrate on the things that are really important” – Steve Jobs.  ML360 is able to develop a strategy for any type of business in any industry in less than a month!

The strategy, or also referred to as a plan, consists of a thorough analysis of a clearly defined purpose; background information on the business and industry it operates within; the current state of the business and industry; the desired future state of the business; your competitive landscape; your business strategy including your priorities and roadmap/critical path; your guiding principles, values and implications; a risk assessment; a set of standards and metrics you will measure yourself against; and, your next steps.  It will also include pivot tactics and acceleration plans as unforeseen events occur.

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The development of the strategy will engage your internal stakeholders so that they feel as though the strategy was developed internally with the vision/direction fed by ownership.  As we well know from our own experience, a strategy is only good if it is executed and this is also where we come in and help.

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