Your Success

Is Our Success.

Our Story

Covid-19 and other recent events have shaken up the World impacting every single Industry.  Some industries have been impacted favourably and the majority have experienced resounding negative effects.  We’ve had other events in our history more recently the 2008 financial crisis; however, nothing to this level or impact.  The lockdown could be compared to our version of a World War – the World War of 2020!  Aside from essential goods and services (ie. toilet paper), businesses that have excelled during this time have been those that have had a Strategy and Roadmap in place with an already strong digital presence.  With consumer spending and debt loads at record highs prior to the pandemic, the only thing that was keeping the economy alive was the low unemployment rate.  Now, as a result, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to double digits impacting various age groups from students, graduates, part-time workers, the gig economy and every other demographic.   
The above has led to the formation of ML360 in supporting the business community by ensuring they remain relevant and differentiated now and into the future.  Our startup is a family business leveraging the deep skills and experience each team member has offering a compelling value proposition – prepare businesses of any industry to withstand unforeseen events allowing them to continue to prosper.  We want businesses to be able to stand up and withstand these turbulences and be able to successfully respond to what’s next.  We’ll offer a suite of services businesses can pick and choose from depending on their needs.
Our passion is to keep the business community vibrant.  With over 1.1 million employer businesses of all kinds in Canada, we know that their success is our collective success.

Meet The Team.

Mo Ladak

Founder - CEO

With over 26 years of broad experience in the Financial Services Industry developing and executing on strategies, Mo is known to be an innovative leader skilled in strategic planning, financial management, and business development committed to getting the job done. A reputation for leading with values, integrity, respect and inspiration, Mo takes passion in building strong relationships, driving change and delivering business value through continuous improvement.  With a Masters Degree from St. Mary’s University, Mo is proud to bring his knowledge and experience to the ML360 team to support businesses during these volatile times focused on driving results and the user experience.

Ali Ladak

Co-Founder - CMO

Ali is currently majoring in Business Management at Wilmington University where he is also a member of the Men’s Golf Team competing in the NCAA. His expertise includes web development and digital marketing. Ali is results oriented and takes pride in the hard work needed in order to achieve success both personally and for others.

Samir Ladak

co-founder - cto

Samir is a recent graduate from McGill University. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree with a double major concentration in Computer Science and Economics. During that time he was also captain of the McGill Varsity Golf Team. Samir spent his summers as an Intern Software Developer where he specialized in data collection, visualization and analysis, and software test automation. Samir is a detail oriented individual, and has a strong passion for innovation and improvement. With his business and technological experience, Samir leads our search engine optimization and application development services.