3 Post Pandemic Tips for Small Businesses

Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap at both organizational and industry levels. During the pandemic, customers have moved dramatically towards online channels and companies have responded. Here are some of the most impactful changes we’ve seen in the digital ad-space within the past year, and how businesses can best move forward with these powerful trends.

E Commerce is here to stay

We all lived through arguably one of the most challenging eras of our lives. We’d been given the opportunity to really appreciate how our previous “normal” lives were conducted while being forced to change our habits. This drove a massive new wave of people to shop online as they scoured websites such as Amazon for their needs. People who have never ordered anything online prior to Covid are going to continue ordering online as they have witnessed the convenience factor of it. Having goods delivered directly to your door from a click of a button which often ended up being cheaper than a retail site. Online commerce is here to stay and will continue to grow

The Surge of Digital Marketing

While many companies struggled during the pandemic there are a few that thrived. Google, Facebook, and Amazon all had explosive growth during this period. The primary reason is PPC. Pay Per Click advertising has been all the rage as so hundreds of companies are now seeing the benefit of advertising to where the potential consumers attention is. Compared to traditional marketing outlets, small business owners have witnessed a cost effective and targeted solution that provides in depth analytics and can be scaled and controlled extremely easily.

Instagram and Brand Imaging

Instagram has become the medium for brands to connect with their customers and create a brand image. Small business owners that had a decent Instagram profile going into the pandemic were at an advantage and leveraged that audience to engage with their customers and strengthen their community. Others were forced to scramble and create a presence online in order not to be forgotten. Instagram and the use of their ads provides the ability to constantly remind the public that you company exits and the product or services you offer. Companies that are built or structured with that in mind are the ones that will continue to succeed.

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